A Quick Recap….

Here’s a step by step guide of how to get your work on the Left in Preston website:

1. Write/draw/paint/photograph something – and leave it somewhere in the Preston area (can be indoor or outdoor). Please refrain from using language which could offend – we really want this project to be child friendly.

2. Take several pictures – make sure you get the place in the picture too (no person within the photograph – even in the background)! Take a look at the ‘Dear Prestonian’ submission for the perfect entry.

3. Send your submission, as a jpeg attachment via email only, along with any additional information such as a mini biography and maybe what inspired you. LeftinPreston@me.com

4. Please note that we DO NOT publish work that is sent in alone – it has to be in a photograph as stated above. We have had submissions that fail to follow these guidelines – which defeats the whole object of Left in Preston.