Left in Food Banks

Left in Preston needs your help!

As you know Left in Preston’s main ambition and goal has always been to generate a real community spirit and following throughout the Preston area. We believe that Preston is a truly wonderful place to live.

But we want to make it better!

We want to provide help and support to anyone struggling – life can be stressful at the best of times but with Christmas fast approaching our worries can spiral out of control.

Many families in Preston (and much of the UK) feel the pressure more so over the Christmas period and we would like to reach out to the members of the public to ask for a little help in making someone else’s life a little better.

Left in Preston is today launching a new campaign to help stock the local food banks in Preston over the Christmas period.

We are currently in the process of talking to several local supermarkets in the hope that they can provide drop off points for donations.

Could your business help – with donations or drop off points?