It’s Always Perfect Weather for Pie

The Otter’s Pocket

8BC2861A-5C45-493C-BF9C-D89999DF6D8EA main food staple in most Lancashire towns is the honourable savoury pie. So, when The Otter’s Pocket opened its doors last year many Prestonians’ jumped for joy. Left in Preston was sold straightaway on the idea of a new pie and ale restaurant but, it would seem that, The otter’s Pocket is so much more than a standard, run of the mill, eatery.

Situated down the lovely little Winckley Street, The Otter’s Pocket opens its doors everyday from noon until 11pm and has grown from strength to strength since it opened in summer of last year – and we can see why, everything is tasty, rustic and comfortable. The team behind the eatery have managed to capture the true elements of being northern from the great atmosphere, the famous food and the delectable local ales.

On visiting last month, we drooled and dribbled over the menu. Each and every pie called out to us – we couldn’t decide which to go for because they all sounded scrumptious. It was tempting to try the ‘ALREET CHA’ (butter pie), isn’t that everyone’s favourite? But in the end we ordered ‘THE GARSTANG BLUE’ (steak and Garstang blue cheese) and ‘MR MCGREGOR’S RABBIT PIE’ (rabbit, mushroom and brandy pie in filo). The menu told us that all pies came with mash and gravy (red wine gravy or a vegan gravy) but being greedy we also wanted to try out the the roasted root vegetables, so went for a side of those too.

We ordered our food and drinks at the bar and didn’t have to wait long until we could smell our dinner being cooked. The mouth watering aromas drifted out of the kitchen and made our stomaches rumble all the more. But we sat back, relaxed and watched the word go by outside until the food arrived.

And when it arrived, boy did it arrive! Both meals were of exceptional quality; pie, mash and gravy (and our extra of root vegable) what’s not to like?!

THE GARTANG BLUE was full of lovely and tasty pieces of steak with just the right amount of Garstand blue. There was enough to get a proper taste but not too much that ruins the dish. Perfect.

MR MCGREGOR’S RABBIT PIE was also full to bursting with tasty rabbit and the mushroom and brandy complimented the meat perfectly. The gravy was rich and moreish, again it was just the right amount – not too much and not too little. I’m sure you can agree that not having enough gravy can certainly ruin a meal. As Peter Kay once said, ‘Has thee anything moist?’

We loved visiting The Otter’s Pocket and cant wait to visit again very soon. After all, it’s always perfect weather for pie.